In this process journal I will talk about using wordpress. So far this is the first time I have used this website. The only other resource I have used that I can compare to a blog is the wiki we use for Product Team. What I know about blogs is that they are used to talk about ideas and views, post pictures, text, and videos, and other miscellaneous things that have to do with connecting with others. What I don’t like about wordpress is that it was confusing to get started with it at first. The informative videos starting talking about downloading wordpress on the parent company’s server. However, when I looked at the website, I learned that I could get started right away. Another thing I don’t like about wordpress is that I probably won’t use it for my project. I doesn’t seem like a good place to present a project, or maybe I just don’t feel comfortable presenting my project as a blog. A goal I have for my next process journal is interviewing customer service at Radio Shack and asking them about the different components I need for building my RC car.